Feature overview

What is Adlesse

Adlesse is a browser add-on that detects and replaces advertising banners with identical in size web widgets of your preference. Thus every page you visit will be not only ad free, but bear actually useful information presented by a dozen available types of Adlesse widgets you personally selected. For instance, get a local weather forecast instead of "Pirate Attack” flash banner on your favourite website or switch those no good "Hot deals daily" with your Twitter feed. Select and prioritize widgets as you like and don't be distracted by annoying banners again.

Advanced social and productivity features

Grant your Google Search and Facebook pages additional features. Googling with Adlesse brings you not only Google query results, but alternatives from Bing, Wikipedia and Twitter, all on the same page, thus making a search an easy task and saving your precious time.

For all the social network diehards Adlesse brings Twitter and Facebook closer together. Write tweets, read your feed and retweet with Adlesse right from your Facebook page. Twitter widget for Facebook replaces the Facebook ads providing you with a powerful Twitter client functionality.

Why is it better than other ad blocking add-ons?

  • • Actual info vs. flashy gibberish. Get the information you need instead of web advertisements.
  • • Dozen of widgets, all available in 6 languages.
  • • Follow your Twitter feeds on nearly any web site you visit.
  • • Additional results to your Google search. You get additional results from Bing, Wikipedia, Twitter and other search engines instead of default Google Ads.
  • • Twitter feed on your Facebook page. You do not have to switch between the tabs to check out the updates from your Twitter friends.
  • • Adlesse works with all the major browsers (IE, FF, Safari, Chrome and Opera).
  • • Adlesse is forever 100% free, 100% ad-­free and 100% spyware-­free.