Be sure to have the latest Adlesse for new Firefox 40

10 Aug 2015

Hey Firefox fans!

If you haven’t yet noticed, Mozilla has rolled out a new version of Firefox today. One of the main new features of Firefox 40 is improved security for add-ons called ‘add-ons signing’. In short it prevents installations of any third-party add-ons that haven’t been checked by Mozilla. So now every plugin have to be approved and signed by Mozilla certificate. Otherwise it won’t work with Firefox 40.

We made all the necessary actions and are glad to tell you that the latest version of Adlesse is Firefox 40 friendly (meaning we got our “approved and signed by Mozilla’ stamp).

Still we urge all our users who prefer Firefox to check if you have the latest version of Adlesse installed and update it as soon as possible. To do so go to Firefox menu, click on Add-ons, then choose Extensions and see if your version is If it’s not and wasn’t automatically updated then you should go on and get the latest Adlesse add-on for Firefox.

Adlesse extension for Safari web browser update

07 Oct 2014

If you updated your Safari browser you might have already noticed that Adlesse widgets were nowhere in sight. Well, thanks to the new policies issued by Apple all the extensions you’ve ever added to your Safari browser were switched off by default and have to be switched ON manually.

So, if you still don’t want to waste your time with irritating flashy ad banners all over the web pages you are surfing, and rather get latest updates from your friends’ social feeds and the rest of our info-widgets follow these simple steps:

- Open Safari browser;
- Go to Safari > Preferences section in upper left menu;
- Click on Extensions;
- Find an Adlesse extension in the list;
- Check the Enable the extension to turn on the Adlesse add-on;
- Enjoy your ad-free web surfing just as you always did with Adlesse!

PS: Actually, the message about your extensions migration will occur eventually when you open your browser for the first time after the update been installed.

PPS: You can read more about the latest Safari update right here

Merry Christmas!

24 Dec 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Adlesse team would like to thank you, our faithful users, for staying with us all this year! Warm greetings to everyone who joined us not so long ago! Hopefully, you enjoy all the small, but important updates we have rolled out in 2013, like new social widgets for Facebook and Twitter enabling you to post or tweet from any page you visit. Well, there are more new features to be released in 2014 (by the way, thanks for sharing your ideas with us, we highly appreciate your feedback).


We wish you health, wealth and joy! May your life be filled with positive emotions, your Internet connection be fast and stable, and web pages you visit be full of helpful information (and Adlesse in its turn will do its best to improve your browsing experience and let you “manage” ad banners’ content easily).


Have A Wonderful New Year 2014!
From Adlesse team with love.

Adlesse White List

17 Oct 2013

Hello guys!

Some of you might have already noticed that we’ve finally created the White List for Adlesse.

It was really expected novelty, some of you asked us for it.

So now you can choose where you want to block ads and on which sites you allow them to show up.

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Attention for Opera users!

29 May 2013

Hello, guys!

The thing is that Opera has blocked installation of add-ons that are not listed in the Opera Add-ons gallery. In addition now it’s blocking updates from previously installed extensions.

To install Adlesse widget or get updates from it you need to add our url to trusted websites (just follow this scheme: Opera Menu => Preferences => Advanced => Security => Trusted websites => Extensions => Add; enter and save changes).

Or you can just delete existing Adlesse Add-on and install the version from the Opera Add-ons gallery.

Uninstalling Adlesse:

Go to Tools => Extensions => Manage Extensions. Find Adlesse Add-on and click on Uninstall.

Installing Adlesse from Opera Add-ons Gallery:

Follow this link and add Adlesse to your Opera browser.

Thanks for your attention and hope for your understanding of this little inconvenience!

New Design for Interesting Links Widget

27 Mar 2013

Hey, guys!

Haven’t seen you from Christmas.

We had lots of ideas and work on making Adlesse add-on better.

And today we want to share with you some good news.

First of all we’ve created new design for Interesting Links Widget! Now you can see a big picture on the background of the widget. It illustrates content of the link and makes easier to understand do you really want to know more on this theme… and it looks nicer. Do you agree?

Also we’ve fixed some bugs, thanks to your feedback. So don’t forget to contact us and send your opinion or ideas – it really helps to make the application better.

Thanks for staying with us!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

25 Dec 2012

Sincere gratitude to you, guys, for being with us all this year!

It was really nice and productive year, we’ve done a lot to make Adlesse add-on even more handy and usable.

Nevertheless, we have great plans for the coming year and we promise to gladden and surprise you with more improvements and new features.

Adlesse team wishes you lots of love, joy and happiness! And of co

urse we wish you to enjoy the smoothest web surfing ever with Adlesse Add-on!

May your life be filled with great surprises and warm feelings! And may your web pages be filled with interesting and useful information.

From Adlesse team with love.

PS: Don’t forget to follow Adlesse page on Facebook, where we share our news and interesting and cool stuff.


Update for Firefox

22 Aug 2012

Hello, guys!

How are you? Are you enjoying last weeks of the summer?

We are continuously improving your work with Adlesse.

This time, thanks to your feedback, we’ve fixed some bugs and updated Adlesse Add-on for Firefox (new version 1.1.10 is available).

Now Alesse is compatible only with FF4+. By rejecting the FF3.6 support we’ve resolved a number of important issues and solved following problems:

  • * Crash of the Facebook Scrabble game while using Adlesse;
  • * Certain problems with input fields in WordPress.

So don’t forget to update Adlesse Add-on for FireFox.

PS: if you’re having any problems with Adlesse, please, share your feedback.

Thanks for your attention and feedback.

Adlesse Project Team

Do not forget to update Adlesse

13 Jul 2012

Dear friends,

We’ve got some great news for you! Our team works really hard to improve your user experience. So we’ve got some very important updates we would like to share.

First of all, we’ve improved algorithms for finding and replacing ads. The search became more accurate and detailed. Now Adlesse defines annoying animated ads even better, leaving only the quality content you are interested in on the web page.

We have also added Twitter widget for Facebook Timeline. It means that now Adless replaces ads even in your newly created FB timeline. Isn’t it a great update for those of you who can’t imagine life without social networks?

And upon many requests we added HTTPS support for Google and Facebook.

There are also other minor improvements and bugfixes (addon have never worked better!). You can find them out yourself by downloading the new Adlesse version.

New version of Adlesse avalable for all major browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox (Latest version is 1.1.1) and for Safari & Opera (version 1.1.2, due to some compatbility issues we had to make few additional bugfixes). You can find and download latest build of Adlesse from our site or in case if you’re using Chrome and Opera, from designated Web Store and add-ons gallery.

Thanks for using Adlesse and helping us to make it better.

Adlesse Project Team

New site and new looks

06 Jul 2012

Hello, everyone!

This time we’re writing to inform you that we have made some changes.

Firstly, as you can see, we’ve completely changed our design and made settings more handy. Hope, you’ll like it. For the new users we’ve created extended presentation of Adlesse features and widgets.

Secondly, now we have a new logo, that corresponds to the style and concept of the service.

Thirdly, we’ve fixed some issues that could appear while using Adlesse Add-on (Safari users, don’t forget to update the extension to the version 1.1.2!).

As always, we’ll be happy to happy to hear form the users and receive your feedback. Please submit your comments right below this post, or drop by our Get Satisfaction community or leave us a few word using the Feedback form).

Stay with us and enjoy surfing Internet with Adlesse.

PS: This Monday we will gladden you with something new. Stay tuned.

Adlesse Project Team