Adlesse is a browser add-on that rids your web surfing experience of all the annoying animated ads enriching every webpage you visit with actually useful content instead, like Facebook and Twitter feeds, weather forecast, news headlines and more.

It also switches the ads on your Facebook with latest tweets from your Twitter-buds, combining two social networks on one page and gives you alternative search results from Bing, Wiki and Twitter on the Google search page. More >>

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Just a few more reasons to like Adlesse

Social updates
Adlesse enables you to read the latest tweets and Facebook updates in place of ads. Also if you are a Facebook junkie but hardly imagine your life without Twitter you can get a fully functional Twitter application for your Facebook page. Ain't it cool?
Extend your knowledge
Getting ready to blast everyone with your erudition on Family Feud or Jeopardy, but are you fully prepared for that challenge? Become a brain box with the Interesting Facts and Famous Quotations widgets.
Empower your search
Adlesse provides you with an opportunity to get alternative search results from Bing, Wikipedia and Twitter instead of Google ads when you look for something on Google. Thrice your search power and become more efficient.