Mcilroy grabs share of memorial lead for Cuyahoga County Democratic committee

  • 20 Jun 2020

    Mcilroy grabs share of memorial lead for Cuyahoga County Democratic committee

    DUNHAM, Ohio – Ohio Democratic Committee Chair Jim Cooley told the Dayton Daily News Friday that an anonymous tip came in about potential candidates, particularly for a spot on the Democratic presidential nominating ballot, the newspaper reported.

    Cooley and his executive committee would not comment on reports that a former member of President George W. Bush’s administration was working on Ohio’s primary this year.

    DNC sources told the newspaper the state party wanted to see someone on the list who had served as communications director for Ohio Gov. John Kasich. That person’s name was redacted, and they said that the DNC’s search committee had been working with that member.

    “We’ve done this a million times, but we really wanted to see who was qual바카라ified,” Cooley said, The Dispatch reported. “Obviously I hope our name gets heard in Cleveland.”

    The name the anonymous tipster suggested as a fit was former Ohio Republican Party Chairman and GOP state party chair Tom Tancredo.

    But an official with the Republican National Committee told The Associated Press in an email Thursda바카라사이트y that it has no record of a search committee for th더킹카지노is year’s convention, the newspaper reported.

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which has been looking for someone to run in its district, said it plans to reach out to its former Ohio state party chair and state party chairman, who served in both Obama’s and Kasich’s administrations.

    The Democratic National Committee would not immediately comment on the name.

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