New site and new looks

  • 06 Jul 2012

    Hello, everyone!

    This time we’re writing to inform you that we have made some changes.

    Firstly, as you can see, we’ve completely changed our design and made settings more handy. Hope, you’ll like it. For the new users we’ve created extended presentation of Adlesse features and widgets.

    Secondly, now we have a new logo, that corresponds to the style and concept of the service.

    Thirdly, we’ve fixed some issues that could appear while using Adlesse Add-on (Safari users, don’t forget to update the extension to the version 1.1.2!).

    As always, we’ll be happy to happy to hear form the users and receive your feedback. Please submit your comments right below this post, or drop by our Get Satisfaction community or leave us a few word using the Feedback form).

    Stay with us and enjoy surfing Internet with Adlesse.

    PS: This Monday we will gladden you with something new. Stay tuned.

    Adlesse Project Team

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