Feature overview

1. Install Adlesse

1 Confirmation step

Confirm the installation request by clicking "Next".

2 Installation adjustments step

Select a folder for the shortcuts. Select the additional tasks for Adlesse.

3 Installation and restart step

Install the Adlesse add-on by clicking "Install". Restart Internet Explorer.

2. Customize Adlesse

1 You can adjust Adlesse according to your preferences. step

Customization can be accessed through Settings in the main menu.

2 Verify your language and location. step

Adlesse will provide you with news titles, weather forecasts, etc. according to/appropriate for the data you entered.

3 You can also specify your personal settings. step

Furthermore you can choose frequency of appearance of the different information — Often, Sometimes, Rarely or Never.

3. Disable / Remove Adlesse

You can find Adlesse in the list of add-ons in your browser's menu. Note that you can easily Activate/Deactivate (or even Uninstall) Adlesse from this menu at any moment. Need help in finding out how to disable/remove add-on in another browser? Simply click the appropriate icon.