NB to all Safari users

26 Jun 2012

Hey, everyone!

Important update for Safari users – thanks to your feedback we’ve detected and fixed the problem that appeared while using Adlesse Extension with Safari Browser.
All you have to do is just update the extension to version 1.1.2 and Adlesse will be working again, even better then before ;)

So just do it and enjoy all facilities that Adlesse offers you.

See you soon,
Keep surfing Internet with Adlesse!

Adlesse promo-guides

12 Mar 2012

They say it is better to see once. We hope you are at one with us as we have created 3 promo-guides for you to unveil all the opportunities of Adlesse. Aimed at both newcomers and current users, they might assist in becoming familiar with Adlesse instantly and could make your browsing experience even better.

For sure the primary function of Adlesse is to replace annoying ads with useful widgets. It was, it is and it will be. But we bet there are options, you might have no idea about.

So here goes nothing… Get your pop-corn bowls ready and put your 3D-glasses on (okay, just kidding about the glasses). Continue reading

Adlesse is now officially out of Beta

27 Feb 2012

Hello guys!

We are glad to announce that Adlesse is now out of beta – Adlesse 1.0. Yes, finally we made it happen! Now you can all enjoy the first official release of our nifty Add-on.

We have been working hard to create useful add-on for everyday use, make it stable and improve it. Now we’d like everyone to find out about Adlesse and make their web browsing experience more enjoyable.

Also from now on you can find Adlesse in every major browser’s stores and libraries (for ex. Chrome Web store etc.). We’re not gonna stop here, and we’ll do our best to make your banners-free web experience even better.

And once again we want to thank you, our users, for your support and feedback.

Thanks for your attention, guys.

Ps: Keep an eye on our blog to be in the loop of our latest news and updates.

Something’s changed

24 Feb 2012

Hello guys!

This time we’ve got good news for those who use Google’s new look!

Just open Google.com and you’ll see that we’ve improved “Adlesse is…” button design and moved it. Previously you could find it on the right of the search bar, but in the new interface it’s located next to the Settings button. Now it looks better and is much easier to find.

Have nice holidays, guys!

We’ve got something new for you!

03 Feb 2012

Hello everyone!

This week was very efficient for our team. And here’s what we’ve got for you this time.

If you take a look at the left side of our site, you will see added Feedback tab, powered by a well-known feedback service “Get Satisfaction”. We care about your opinion, and hope that it will be the easiest way for you to suggest ideas and ask us questions about Adlesse.

Just send your comments, remarks, wishes and ideas. We’ll be glad to hear from you everything that you want to tell us as we take into account every wish to improve Adlesse.

In other news: we’ve optimized our widgets and fixed some bugs. So from now on they will work even better.

Thanks for your attention. See you soon =)
Adlesse team

New Widgets design!

30 Jan 2012

Hi, guys!

Long time without news, eh?

Widgets are the key elements of our service, so we hope you will like new widgets’ design. Elegant, stylish and catchy (in a good sense).

You may have seen it already… so what do you think? Do tell! =)

More updates won’t keep you waiting!

See you soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

23 Dec 2011

Hey, everyone!
Here comes the best day of the year – the Christmas Day.

We’ve done a great job during this year. You know that with our help you can get rid of ads and replace them with different useful and interesting information. And Adlesse is constantly developing, we’re creating new widgets and improvements. Next year we promise to rejoice you with innovations too.

And we want to express you our delight about the fact that we have such wonderful users like you =)
We wish you lots of joy, happiness, fun, presents, health and whatever you want. Let your wishes come true!
Spend your holidays the best way!
Merry Christmas, guys!

Drag & Drop

08 Dec 2011

Hello, friends!
You thought that we forgot about our blog and you? Not at all! We continue to improve our Adlesse and refresh its design to make it more comfortable for you.
This time we made some changes to the settings interface. We threw away that boring table and replaced it with nice widget icons.
Now adjusting Adlesse is like a fun mini-game.. Determine how often certain widgets will appear on your web-pages by dragging and dropping icons to the corresponding frequency bar. You can reshuffle them as many times as you wish!
It seems more convinient and clear this way, don’t you think so?
Enjoy the renewal and keep your eye on our blog.
Bye! ;)

Find us on Facebook!

01 Dec 2011

Glad to see you again, guys.
It didn’t take too much time to invent something new for you, yeah? =)
This time we want to inform you that from this moment you can find Adlesse on Facebook! Yes, we created it’s own page there so don’t drag it out and follow this link right now. On this page you will find some info about Adlesse, our news and other interesting things.
As yet it’s all, but don’t relax! We’re working on other pleasant novelties.

Put your Facebook on every page

14 Oct 2011

Hello world!

We are here with good news again. Facebook fans, you can rejoice ;)

We’ve got new widget that can keep you up with latest Facebook updates (latest news and events from your page, your friends’ updates, etc). With this novelty you’ll get your Facebook stream on any webpage instead of ads. And that’s great!

Now you can get even more socialized. We hope you’ll enjoy new possibilities of Adlesse.

Bye for now but we’ll be back soon with something new!