Be sure to have the latest Adlesse for new Firefox 40

  • 10 Aug 2015

    Hey Firefox fans!

    If you haven’t yet noticed, Mozilla has rolled out a new version of Firefox today. One of the main new features of Firefox 40 is improved security for add-ons called ‘add-ons signing’. In short it prevents installations of any third-party add-ons that haven’t been checked by Mozilla. So now every plugin have to be approved and signed by Mozilla certificate. Otherwise it won’t work with Firefox 40.

    We made all the necessary actions and are glad to tell you that the latest version of Adlesse is Firefox 40 friendly (meaning we got our “approved and signed by Mozilla’ stamp).

    Still we urge all our users who prefer Firefox to check if you have the latest version of Adlesse installed and update it as soon as possible. To do so go to Firefox menu, click on Add-ons, then choose Extensions and see if your version is If it’s not and wasn’t automatically updated then you should go on and get the latest Adlesse add-on for Firefox.

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