Merry Christmas!

  • 24 Dec 2013

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    Adlesse team would like to thank you, our faithful users, for staying with us all this year! Warm greetings to everyone who joined us not so long ago! Hopefully, you enjoy all the small, but important updates we have rolled out in 2013, like new social widgets for Facebook and Twitter enabling you to post or tweet from any page you visit. Well, there are more new features to be released in 2014 (by the way, thanks for sharing your ideas with us, we highly appreciate your feedback).


    We wish you health, wealth and joy! May your life be filled with positive emotions, your Internet connection be fast and stable, and web pages you visit be full of helpful information (and Adlesse in its turn will do its best to improve your browsing experience and let you “manage” ad banners’ content easily).


    Have A Wonderful New Year 2014!
    From Adlesse team with love.

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