Attention for Opera users!

  • 29 May 2013

    Hello, guys!

    The thing is that Opera has blocked installation of add-ons that are not listed in the Opera Add-ons gallery. In addition now it’s blocking updates from previously installed extensions.

    To install Adlesse widget or get updates from it you need to add our url to trusted websites (just follow this scheme: Opera Menu => Preferences => Advanced => Security => Trusted websites => Extensions => Add; enter and save changes).

    Or you can just delete existing Adlesse Add-on and install the version from the Opera Add-ons gallery.

    Uninstalling Adlesse:

    Go to Tools => Extensions => Manage Extensions. Find Adlesse Add-on and click on Uninstall.

    Installing Adlesse from Opera Add-ons Gallery:

    Follow this link and add Adlesse to your Opera browser.

    Thanks for your attention and hope for your understanding of this little inconvenience!

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