Update for Firefox

  • 22 Aug 2012

    Hello, guys!

    How are you? Are you enjoying last weeks of the summer?

    We are continuously improving your work with Adlesse.

    This time, thanks to your feedback, we’ve fixed some bugs and updated Adlesse Add-on for Firefox (new version 1.1.10 is available).

    Now Alesse is compatible only with FF4+. By rejecting the FF3.6 support we’ve resolved a number of important issues and solved following problems:

    • * Crash of the Facebook Scrabble game while using Adlesse;
    • * Certain problems with input fields in WordPress.

    So don’t forget to update Adlesse Add-on for FireFox.

    PS: if you’re having any problems with Adlesse, please, share your feedback.

    Thanks for your attention and feedback.

    Adlesse Project Team

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    2 thoughts on “Update for Firefox

    1. I thank you for your work I recently discovered your poyek results and was amazing and I have downloaded the application following his twitter and facebook apps and hopefully next time your project findings unexpected increases. greetings from my Toto Harianto