Three killed in baghdad car bomb blast

  • 20 Jun 2020

    Three killed in baghdad car bomb blast

    At least two of the dead were in their early 20s and one in his 30s, a medical official said.

    Rescuers searching for bodies are struggling to find the remaining people, including some children.

    An official in one of the families told Reuters she had lost a son, a father and a brother.

    The official said there had been an improvised explosive device attack on the checkpoint.

    A small arms bomb detonated around 10pm local time (0300 GMT) outside the main checkpoint in the southern city of Kandahar, police said.

    The blast sent debris crashing down the side of the vehicle used to transport the bjarvees.comodies, wounding about 10 people, said Shadia al-Sa’di, an interior ministry official.

    Local TV station Rudaw said dozens of people were wounded, including at least four who died at the scene.

    At a news conference that followed a statement by Afghan officials, Prime Minister Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said the bomb had been placed by “terrorists”.

    Police in Kabul and local officials in Kabul, as well as local tribal elders and of바카라사이트ficials from across the southern region, were all at the site of the attack, police said.

    At least two children survived and were receiving treatment by ambulance, witnesses said.

    An official said one of the dead was his 11-month-old son, while a young man was reportedly killed with his father among other relatives.

    According to Afghan officials, at least nine civilians were killed and more than 100 wounded.

    Officials in Pakistan announced a joint investigation involving officials from Pakistan’s security agencies, the country’s provincial government and Afghanistan’s police and army.

    The two sides have also announced they are collaborating on the investigation and seeking to establish a full and independent path for justice.

    “We strongly condemn in the strongest terms those terrorist organisations who carried out this heinous crime,” Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Nafees Zakaria told a daily news briefing.

    Afghan forces have been fighting al Qaeda in the Taliban Enab e for 바카라most of the past decade.

    Afghan officials say the militants, who have fought a series of attacks across the country since 2009, carried out two large car bombings targeting security forces in Kabul and Kandahar, killing at least 10 people and injuring hundreds.

    A car bombing on April 30 that killed 17 people and wounded more than 100 in Kabul was widely condemned.

    More than 100 were wounded in an attack on a polic

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