Bishop criticises bob carr book time as foreign minister’s diary ‘blot on book of foreign minister’

  • 20 Jun 2020

    Bishop criticises bob carr book time as foreign minister바카라‘s diary ‘blot on book of foreign minister’

    Stopping to see how an old woman was being fed a pig, we came across this:

    And there we have it – a diary of the foreign minister’s time at the House of Lords – in which she discusses the need to stop publishing her diaries in English.

    That’s a particularly poor decision, as in the last two years, only five papers have published them – the last two being the Guardian. She didn’t have it right when she told the BBC she was goi바카라사이트ng to turn them all over to the archivist. So she said she would turn them in when she gave the papers to the press and then, in September last year, she announced that she wouldn’t, either:

    “In a recent letter to the Prime Minister, I said I wanted the Government to make my public records available to the world at large. That, I hoped, would be an end to the press’s publication of my perjarvees.comsonal diaries, for which I am deeply embarrassed.

    “In the end, it was not an end at all. The Press Complaints Commission announced in June that it would now be opening a formal inquiry and the British government has refused to co-operate in its investigation.

    “It’s outrageous that a record should exist of an important part of the British people’s private life being published in public and then there seems to be no reason that it should be kept secret. This decision has sent a disturbing and damaging message to many citizens around the world who have never suspected that their rights have been infringed because of a press that doesn’t believe in freedom of the press.

    “It has also come too late for any meaningful outcome in the present case. But I think that the balance of the public interest will ultimately be restored if the royal family are to allow the diaries to be published,” she said on Saturday.

    A government spokesman said the UK government “does not comment on individual files, which should be available to the world at large through the British Library and to those seeking them through the Press Complaints Commission”.

    The press watchdog said it would be “unacceptable” if the decision was reversed.

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