The parents are constantly fund raising to try to pay for

  • 24 Mar 2014

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    replica bags south africa I can’t fault the school, it’s a brilliant school, but I blame the Government for this.”Why should our kids have to suffer and lose out on school time? They are losing half a day of education every week.”Georgina said her links to the school went back over 20 years, she added: “This is the worst I’ve known it for money. The parents are constantly fund raising to try to pay for school trips and equipment, with the Friends parent group shaking charity tins every week in the playground to try to raise a bit more. It’s awful.”The changes would mean she would have to collect the youngsters at different times staggered through the afternoon from 1.05 3.15pm.Girl battered by bullies in shocking video EXCLUDED from school ‘for bringing it into disrepute’Selina Cole, mum of four, including three at Belfield infants and juniors, said the first she knew of the proposals was from a letter sent home last week.”I knew they had been thinking about it but thought they had given it a rest replica bags south africa.

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