Many of my family consider me lost and hold utter disgust

  • 27 Oct 2013

    (Partly because I bought a big pack of classes and could transfer them between ILKB gyms when I moved, but largely because of the actual workout and the environment.) They don’t use the hanging heavy bags that I’ve seen at all the other gyms I’ve tried, which can get painful af if you’re new and aren’t used to the impact. ILKB has fairly lightweight, freestanding, water weighted bags you’ll see some of the stronger guys or even just the taller folks in class knock them over from time to time, and they’re light enough to set upright again without help. I also highly prefer these bags for roundhouse kicks, especially when still learning form, because while you might get sore from a mis kick on these bags, you won’t completely bruise your feet like you can on heavy bags.

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