Do not forget to update Adlesse

  • 13 Jul 2012

    Dear friends,

    We’ve got some great news for you! Our team works really hard to improve your user experience. So we’ve got some very important updates we would like to share.

    First of all, we’ve improved algorithms for finding and replacing ads. The search became more accurate and detailed. Now Adlesse defines annoying animated ads even better, leaving only the quality content you are interested in on the web page.

    We have also added Twitter widget for Facebook Timeline. It means that now Adless replaces ads even in your newly created FB timeline. Isn’t it a great update for those of you who can’t imagine life without social networks?

    And upon many requests we added HTTPS support for Google and Facebook.

    There are also other minor improvements and bugfixes (addon have never worked better!). You can find them out yourself by downloading the new Adlesse version.

    New version of Adlesse avalable for all major browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox (Latest version is 1.1.1) and for Safari & Opera (version 1.1.2, due to some compatbility issues we had to make few additional bugfixes). You can find and download latest build of Adlesse from our site or in case if you’re using Chrome and Opera, from designated Web Store and add-ons gallery.

    Thanks for using Adlesse and helping us to make it better.

    Adlesse Project Team

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    2 thoughts on “Do not forget to update Adlesse

    1. First of all this is new era on adblocking.

      But in Opera extension please make it options in extension and make more customoziable and more addon us.

      Also your contact gives error on Opera. (I didn’t tried it with other browsers.)

      • Hello alayli!

        Thank you for your feedback! What you mean by “your contact gives error on Opera” (is that about our Contact form or something else?)

        Adlesse Project Team