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Adlesse extension for Safari web browser update

07 Oct 2014

If you updated your Safari browser you might have already noticed that Adlesse widgets were nowhere in sight. Well, thanks to the new policies issued by Apple all the extensions you’ve ever added to your Safari browser were switched off by default and have to be switched ON manually.

So, if you still don’t want to waste your time with irritating flashy ad banners all over the web pages you are surfing, and rather get latest updates from your friends’ social feeds and the rest of our info-widgets follow these simple steps:

- Open Safari browser;
- Go to Safari > Preferences section in upper left menu;
- Click on Extensions;
- Find an Adlesse extension in the list;
- Check the Enable the extension to turn on the Adlesse add-on;
- Enjoy your ad-free web surfing just as you always did with Adlesse!

PS: Actually, the message about your extensions migration will occur eventually when you open your browser for the first time after the update been installed.

PPS: You can read more about the latest Safari update right here