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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

23 Dec 2011

Hey, everyone!
Here comes the best day of the year – the Christmas Day.

We’ve done a great job during this year. You know that with our help you can get rid of ads and replace them with different useful and interesting information. And Adlesse is constantly developing, we’re creating new widgets and improvements. Next year we promise to rejoice you with innovations too.

And we want to express you our delight about the fact that we have such wonderful users like you =)
We wish you lots of joy, happiness, fun, presents, health and whatever you want. Let your wishes come true!
Spend your holidays the best way!
Merry Christmas, guys!

Drag & Drop

08 Dec 2011

Hello, friends!
You thought that we forgot about our blog and you? Not at all! We continue to improve our Adlesse and refresh its design to make it more comfortable for you.
This time we made some changes to the settings interface. We threw away that boring table and replaced it with nice widget icons.
Now adjusting Adlesse is like a fun mini-game.. Determine how often certain widgets will appear on your web-pages by dragging and dropping icons to the corresponding frequency bar. You can reshuffle them as many times as you wish!
It seems more convinient and clear this way, don’t you think so?
Enjoy the renewal and keep your eye on our blog.
Bye! ;)

Find us on Facebook!

01 Dec 2011

Glad to see you again, guys.
It didn’t take too much time to invent something new for you, yeah? =)
This time we want to inform you that from this moment you can find Adlesse on Facebook! Yes, we created it’s own page there so don’t drag it out and follow this link right now. On this page you will find some info about Adlesse, our news and other interesting things.
As yet it’s all, but don’t relax! We’re working on other pleasant novelties.