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Working holidays: Firefox update, new widgets and IE add-on Alpha

26 Nov 2010

Hey, hey, hey! or should we say Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

While you’re with your folks sitting at the holiday table and giving thanks to whatever/whomever, we’ve been working like mad scientists, we really are, and made some great changes so, maybe you’ll thank us too… a bit later (it’ll work for us even after the Thanksgiving).

First of all, we’ve released an updated version of the Adlesse (fixed few minor bugs etc. – see Changelist below) and (like we promised earlier) made Adlesse for Internet Explorer! Something to be proud, right? (Not like “It’s alive!” proud, but like “Hell yeah!” proud.)

Well, it’s still a public alpha version, but it already does the stuff we’ve made it for. Check it out yourself: give it a try and get rid of nasty ads in you favorite browser.

1. Adlesse for Firefox build

— ads replacement algorithm was optimized

— few minor bugs were fixed

2. Adlesse add-on for IE (1.0.10), first alpha version for Internet Explorer (Try it, love it, use it!). NB: if you’ll have any troubles using IE add-on, please, leave a comment right here or use our Feedback form.

3. New ads replacement widgets! Now you can replace those online advertisements not only with local news headlines and weather reports but also with:
— famous people quotations (ain’t that a good conversation starters?)
— Twitter feed updates from your favorite Twitter users (you’ll be able to see all the latest tweets of those who you’ve followed).

Hope you’ll like new stuff. More to come. Now go finish that turkey as we’ll order some pizza (Turkey pizzas… it anyone got ‘em – it’s so hard to be mad scientists).

Happy Thanksgiving!